FeatureHighlight component for feature discovery

Extends: HighlighterOverlayView
(meaning you can pass the super component's props as well).


1) FeatureHighlight component must be a direct child of the root view returned in render().
2) If the element to be highlighted doesn't have a style attribute add 'style={{opacity: 1}}' so the Android OS can detect it.
IMPORTANT: FeatureHighlight uses a native library. You MUST add and link the native library to both iOS and Android projects. For instruction please see  here


visibleBoolean to determine if to present the feature highlight componentbool
highlightFrameFrame of the area to highlight {x, y, width, height}shape
getTargetCallback that extract the ref of the element to be highlightedfunc
titleTitle of the content to be displayedstring
messageMessage to be displayedstring
titleNumberOfLinesTitle's max number of linesnumber
messageNumberOfLinesMessage's max number of linesnumber
confirmButtonPropsProps that will be passed to the dismiss buttonobject
onBackgroundPressCallback for the background pressfunc
overlayColorColor of the content's background (usually includes alpha for transparency)string
textColorColor of the content's textstring
borderColorColor of the border around the highlighted elementstring
borderWidthWidth of the border around the highlighted elementnumber
minimumRectSizeThe minimum size of the highlighted component (Android API 21+, and only when passing a ref in 'getTarget')shape{width: 56, height: 56}
innerPaddingThe padding of the highlight frame around the highlighted element's frame (only when passing ref in 'getTarget')number10



See example here.